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Selected Works

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Lost in Translation

Two stories about language and identity:

First — How do you talk about your gender identity in a language you can’t speak that well? A language where the pronouns for “he” and “she” sound the same? 

Then — We follow a family who was given the advice not to speak their heritage language — Japanese — at home. But decades later, they learned that that advice had been misguided.

The first story I co-reported with reporter Elena Neale-Sacks. The second story is my graduate thesis project from UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. 

When You Don’t Learn Your Parent’s Language, What Is Lost?

KQED reporter Izzy Bloom's mother never taught her daughter to speak her native language of Japanese because she was told by doctors that doing so would be detrimental to her brother, who has a rare genetic syndrome. The truth turned out to be more complicated.

This is my graduate school thesis project, a half-hour audio documentary that I reported and produced while attending UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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